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Eurasian Economic Commission
Eurasian Economic Commission ЕЭК is a permanent supranational regulatory body of the Eurasian economic Union EAEU, formerly the customs Union of the CU and the Common economic space. It was established by the decision of the presidents of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan and operates on the basis of Agreements of November 18, 2011 "About the Eurasian economic Commission" and "About the rules of the Eurasian economic Commission".
Situated - 115114, Moscow city, Letnikovskaya street house 2 building 1, building 2.
+7 495 669-24-00
+7 495 669-24-29
+7 495 669-24-44
+7 495 669-25-55
+7 495 669-24-14
+7 495 249-25-00
+7 495 669-24-11

Joint Stock Company "Russian Hippodromes"
Joint Stock Company "Russian Hippodromes" was created in 2011 according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation and establishes that 100% of shares of the specified company are in Federal property. This is more than twenty-seven state factory stables, the property of which is contributed to the authorized capital of JSC "Rushippodromes ". The priority activities of the organization are: development of the national horse industry, ensuring the preservation and development of hippodromes and stud farms in Russia, creating conditions for the functioning of the national equestrian sweepstakes system, as well as ensuring the integration of this system into the international processing.
Situated - 125284, Moscow city, Begovaya street house 22
+7 495 945-04-37
+7 495 945-45-16
+7 495 945-60-93
+7 967 102-50-30
+7 977 848 41 43
+7 495 945-42-03

Central Moscow Hippodrome
Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMH) - one of the largest hippodromes in Russia, only slightly inferior to the Rostov, Krasnodar and Kazan hippodromes. It is the oldest racecourse in the country and the first in the world, founded in 1834. All year round, without breaks, trotters are tested, about 1000 heads in total annually. The main and most expensive prizes in the country are played at the Central Moscow Hippodrome. Among them the main ones are the Grand All-Russian Prize (Derby), the All-Russian Bars Prize, the Elite Prize, the Peony Prize, and the Big Open Prize. Each year, the drawing of the prize of the “President of the Russian Federation” for thoroughbred riding horses is held.
Situated - 125284, Moscow city, Begovaya street house 22
+7 495 945-42-03
+7 495 945-45-16
+7 967 102-50-30
+7 495 945-04-37
+7 977 848 41 43
+7 495 945-60-93

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of pedigree affair is the sole Russian agricultural industry complex. It is a specialized scientific organization in the field of breeding and selection of farming animals. The Institute has got a modern materially and technical base which is necessary for the research work and information systems for pedigree business, tools sets, computers, analytical equipment and copy machines of new modifications. RSRIPA is a main executor of animal’s pedigree affair in Russia
Situated – Moscow area, Pushkino region, Lesniye Polyani, Lenina street 1-a,
+7 495 515-95-57
+7 498 646 84 59
+7 495 545 95 57

Advertising agency ”Optima”
The agency is established just in 2005 but it made a good showing at the market. A rich cumulative experience and high staff qualification allows it to realize most various projects and to solve complicated problems which are challenge to its client from Russia and abroad. The main services of the company are design, page-proof, electronic materials preparations for printing, polygraph, souvenirs supply for marketing purposes, stereo picture for light panels producing, products with stereo-vario images creating.
Situated – Moscow city, Marshal Jukov Avenue, house 2
+7 495 730-78-15

Bashkir State Agrarian University
The University comprises 8 faculties and 45 departments (including 30 issuing), the Over-Urals affiliate. The University is a large agriculture educational center. Its parameters allow to estimate it as a modern, fast developing organization which makes training for first class competent specialists with high school education for all levels. It leads scientific investigations and realizes technical elaborations which have got an acknowledgement not only in Bashkiria but in the whole Russia. The University makes a big contribution into economic evolution, science, techniques and technologies of agricultural complex of Bashkiria Republic, Volga Region and Russian Federation.
Situated – Bashkiria Republic, Ufa city, 50-letiya Octyabrya street house 34
+7 347 228-91-77
+7 347 228-08-98
+7 347 228-07-22

Agricultural and Food Ministry of Udmurtia
Agricultural and Food Ministry is a executive organization of the state power which conduct a politic in the field of agricultural industrial complex, population food supply in the republic, country territory development assistance, operating power agencies coordination in this sphere in Udmurtia Republic.
Situated – Udmurtia Republic, Ijensk city, V.Sivakova street house120
+7 3412 919-576
+7 3412 919-546
+7 3412 919-501
+7 3412 919-502
+78 3412 919-555

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of horse breeding
The Institute leads development methods of horse quality increasing, scientific reproducing technology, horse's growth and training, usage efficiency extension. This research organization is the main selection center for work with basic horse's breads in Russia. It is a participant of many international breeding and scientific association. The Institute is the sole bureau in Russia witch authorized to give passports for pedigree horses.
Situated - Ryazan area. Ribnovskiy region, st.Divivo
+7 4912 24-02-65
+7 4912 24-12-84
+7 4913 73-22-16
+7 4913 73-22-11

Aleksandrovskiy Tribal Birds Reproductor
Aleksandrovskiy Reproductor was build 1980. It is one of the biggest company in our region witch provide growth of pedigree birds and pedigree eggs production. This company realized full cycle of final hybrid raising that starts from one day age chickens delivering from Germany. The Reproductor uses such birds' crosses witch have got high characteristics and improved genetic potential.
Situated - Ryazan area. Ryazanskiy region, v.Aleksandrovo
+7 4912 24-34-60
+7 4912 24-54-39
+7 4912 24-33-00
+7 4912 24-34-58
+7 4912 26-56-25

Expobank Commercial Bank
Expobank Commercial Bank has been successfully operating on the financial market since 1994. Today Expobank is a universal bank, which offers a wide spectrum of products and services, some of which are unique for the Russian market. Expobank is the part of a holding company, along with "Aziatsko-Tikhookeanskiy bank" [Asian-Pacific bank] (city of Blagoveschensk) (former "AmurPromStroiBank"), Kolima-Bank (city of Magadan), "Petropavlovsk FINANCE", the "EXPO-leasing" leasing company, and the "Helios-Reserve" insurance company. Due to the size of its funds and assets Expobank has a stable position on the list of the 100 biggest Russian banks, and is rated by customers as one of the 10 most convenient banks (according to www.
Situated - Ryazan Pervomaiskiy prospect 7
+7 4912 22-78-86

"National Bank of Development"
15 years on Russian market turned the bank into a stable financial institute which offers to their clients a full set of bank services and enlarges constantly a sphere of activities accordingly to the customers needs.
Situated - Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Voronej, Ijevsk, Kirov, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel, Orenburg, Penza, Petrozavodsk, Pskov, Rostow-Na-Donu, Ryazan, Samara, Saransk, Saratov, Smolensk, Tver, Ulianovsk, Cheboksari, Yaroslavl
+7 4912 24-61-49
+7 4912 24-64-12

"Okskaya Poultry Farm"
Spare of activity - poultry breeding, plant breeding, eggs production
Situated - Ryazan region.Okskiy settlement
+7 4912 26-83-20
+7 4912 94-83-13
+7 4912 94-83-20
+7 4912 24-33-15
+7 4912 24-34-47
+7 4912 41-57-41

"Denijnikovo Fodder Plant"
Spare of activity - birdseed and fodder producing for live farming in central Russia.
Situated - Ryazan region.Denijnikovo.
+7 4912 26-83-62
+7 4912 24-33-05
+7 4912 24-33-03
+7 4912 26-83-83

"Comfort Ceramic" Groop of companies
Spare of activity - building and decorating materials distribution.
Situated - Ryazan, Nijniy Novgorod, Tver, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow
+7 4912 34-74-39
+7 4912 34-55-98
+7 4912 34-55-99

Company "Gorod Sladostey"
Spare of activity - Sweets, food large whosale distribution.
Situated - Moscow, Ogorodniy Proezd 11 (Ostankino Plant of Baranki Products)
+7 495 744-08-48
+7 495 744-08-49

Mortgage Fund of The Ryazan City Administration
Spare of activity - Realization of competition between citizens. Crediting people for realty buying.
Situated - Ryazan Kolkhoznaya street 1/3
+7 4912 45-53-68
+7 4912 45-39-28

"Khnyajeskaya Rus" Ltd.
Spare of activity - Sweets, food whosale and retail distribution.
Situated - Moscow Korneychuk street 53
+7 495 407-00-10
+7 495 508-08-03
+7 495 721-62-44
+7 495 130-21-38
+7 495 790-87-85

Company "Sladkhoe Iskushenie"
Spare of activity - Sweets and food wholesale trading.
Situated - Moscow 5-Magistralnaya street 6
+7 495 969-56-42
+7 495 740-56-54
+7 495 130-65-32
+7 495 941-03-04
+7 495 941-40-67