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Effective purchasing as a mechanism of stock resources optimization. purchase.pdf 479 Kb
Adaptation algorithms of stock management. algorithm.pdf 497 Kb
Eggs production forecasting. eggs_forecast.pdf 322 Kb
Information seeking system"Horses-3". ips_horses_3.pdf 531 Kb
Strategical poultry planning. Modeling and analyzing it's processes. vnitip_report.pdf 442 Kb
Report from 7-th "Electronic commerce-2011" ips_horses.pdf 1 125 Kb

Logistic.Working mechanism.Presentation. logistic.ppt 318 Kb
ETNI. Brief review. etniintroduce.ppt 1 052 Kb
Strategical poultry planning. vnitip_planning.ppt 2 347 Kb
Horse-breeder Assistant 3. Software inroduction. pomkon_presentation.ppt 2 777 Kb
Practice for leading “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of horse breeding” into Internet ips_horses.ppt 10 073 Kb
IFS Koni-3 2010-2011 years. ips_conf2011.ppt 4 929 Kb
Regional Information Analytical System in the field of pigs breading riass_presentation.ppt 2 134 Kb
ETNI Fly Simple applications creating. etni_fly_introduce.ppt 1 259 Kb
ETNI2 Platform presentation. etni2_presentation.ppt 3 877 Kb
MiniWeb2 Product presentation. minin2_presentation.ppt 1 523 Kb
ISEBH EAEU presentation. new! blup_su_presentation.ppt 2 790 Kb

Golden Rain.User's guide. Menegers' sicrets. rain_user_guide.pdf 749 Kb
iShop.Internet shop client.User's guide. ishop_user_guide.pdf 945 Kb
WebCube 1.0. OLAP in Internet. webcube_user_guide.pdf 270 Kb
ETNI 1.0.User's guide. etni_user_guide.pdf 904 Kb
ETNI Fly. User's guide. etni_fly_user_guide.pdf 1 049 Kb
ETNI Fly. Applications developer’s guide. etni_fly_developer_guide.pdf 773 Kb
RIASS in pigs breeding. riass_user_guide.pdf 782 Kb
Storage. Warehouse of responsible keeping. Technical reqierments. storage_tz.pdf 598 Kb
Storage. Warehouse of responsible keeping. User's guide. storage_user_guide.pdf 816 Kb
ETNI2 Platform introduce. etni2_description.pdf 766 Kb
ETNI2 ETNI developer's guide. etni2_developer_guide.pdf 2 597 Kb
ETNI2 User's guide. etni2_user_guide.pdf 1 305 Kb
ETNI2 Component's editors. etni2_components_guide.pdf 1 287 Kb
ETNI2 History of the releases. etni2_releases.pdf 268 Kb
Optimus in pictures. optimus_inpix.pdf 679 Kb
Web-Billing in pictures. webbilling.pdf 1072 Kb
MiniWeb2 developer's guide. miniweb2_developer_guide.pdf 1410 Kb
ISEBH EAEU User’s guide. new! blup_su_users_guide.pdf 861 Kb

Components for development
Neural networks 21 Kb
Data export into OpenOffice 22 Kb
Integration utilites 49 Kb

Employee forms
Knowledge estimate form Candidate_level.doc 14 Kb
Candidate form Candidate_form.doc 14 Kb

Technologies and specifications
Technology Fusion Data Access. fusion_technology.pdf 213 Kb
Technology Container Dynamic Engine. cde_technology.pdf 258 Kb
ISEBH EAEU Data transfer format. new! blup_su_data_format.pdf 436 Kb

Free software
ETNI Fly 2.2 fly_install.exe 3,9 Mb

Demonstration applications
Horse-breeder Assistant Make a request 29 Mb
Virtual warehouse "Storage 3D" Make a request 10 Mb

Additional resources
FastReport generator. fastreport24_manual.pdf 2 558 Kb
Firebird SQL Server Language Reference. firebird_doc_rus.pdf 3 978 Kb