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ETNI Platform

1 June 2006 The first version of new enterprise platform ETNI 1.0 relaeased. In the context of this product a full toolkit set intends both for independent companies and large holdings automation. The main features of ETNI are follows - open rchitecture, whide functions set, teady methodology of new systems development, ETNI abbrivation is Effective Tools for New Ideas

Every information system based on ETIN intends for business and obeys the business requirements. They are fast startup, transparency functioning, real return of efficiency. Each of new idea needs to be tasted in a material world whatever it could be good. As there is less time to implement the idea as more chances for a success. It is always necessary for modern business to increase of possibility and scalability of IT-solutions. Exactly such approach is offered with ETNI

Product preferences
  • High reliability
  • Ready blocks for programs
  • Ability to work with different Databases
  • Deep adaptation for customer needs
  • Complete application for data input and information analyses
  • Convenient reporting software
  • Sharpen methodology of new information system deployment

  • Kind of product supply
    Выпущен новый программный продукт
    Fig.1 Compromise between development and ready systems.

    In one hand ETNI allows to make program development in the other hand its behavior as it is ready solutions. It can start immediately. You can see that at Fig.1 two extreme points which could not get such success. To develop programs is enough expensive and longtime procedure. Ready programs purchase can be done quickly but they have got very limited future evolution. ETNI makes provision for both positive moment quick start and possibility of professional programming.

    Probable Consumers
  • Company top managers
  • Responsible personnel
  • System administrators
  • IT developers and analysts

  • Sphere of use
  • Enterprise rule
  • Resources and manufacturing planning
  • Workflow
  • Business activates analysis
  • Quality management
  • Business process optimization

  • Return of using
  • Speed of new applications cut nearly 5-10 times
  • Working places are ready right in 1-2 hours
  • All developer efforts is carefully written
  • Information system development processes with company evolution

  • Equipment requirements
    OS Windows 98/NT/2000/XP RAM: 32MB HDD: 1Gb Mouse

    You can download ETNI presentation etniintroduce.ppt 1 052 Kb