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Integration of Bizarc.PRO and ODANT

January 18, 2024 The integration work has been completed between Bizarc.PRO - the enterprise management modeling service and the ODANT - technology platform. This integration provides the possibility of automatic transfer of business processes created in Bizarc.PRO directly into the ODANT database for further usage.

ODANT is a product which has been created by a team of developers from Ryazan city since 1997. During this time, the product has gone from a simple MS Access 97 database to the ODANT technology platform built on the unique principles which are differ from the foundation from traditional solutions.

Both ODANT and Bizarc systems are aimed at improving the efficiency of an enterprise. ODANT has a great potential in unifying the daily needs of companies. it takes uniformly into account many specific features of going concrete business, tidies it up and puts it on stream.

Bizark also works for long-term prospects. It allows to model business processes and evaluate long-term decisions. Bizark's strength is its academic approach, which is tested in thousands of enterprises. But it requires special training of an architect who forms the skeleton of the enterprise from organizational structure to internal processes.