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Integration of Bizarc.PRO and ODANT
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Migration to Firebird 5.0

February 27, 2024. The webinar Practical approach for migration to Firebird 5 was held, where the issues of migrating the popular database from versions 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 into 5.0 were discussed in detail. This workshop included the following items.

A brief overview of Firebird 5. Organizing the mass migration of the database to the new version: steps, recommendations, sequence of actions. Possible complications during the migration and ways to resolve problems.

Our speaker from Silentium Company covered materials on the use of access components and drivers, the assignment of new data types for Firebird 5.0 and much more. You can read more about all the technologies in the downloads below.

Integration of Bizarc.PRO and ODANT

January 18, 2024 The integration work has been completed between Bizarc.PRO - the enterprise management modeling service and the ODANT - technology platform. This integration provides the possibility of automatic transfer of business processes created in Bizarc.PRO directly into the ODANT database for further usage.

ODANT is a product which has been created by a team of developers from Ryazan city since 1997. During this time, the product has gone from a simple MS Access 97 database to the ODANT technology platform built on the unique principles which are differ from the foundation from traditional solutions.

Both ODANT and Bizarc systems are aimed at improving the efficiency of an enterprise. ODANT has a great potential in unifying the daily needs of companies. it takes uniformly into account many specific features of going concrete business, tidies it up and puts it on stream.

Bizark also works for long-term prospects. It allows to model business processes and evaluate long-term decisions. Bizark's strength is its academic approach, which is tested in thousands of enterprises. But it requires special training of an architect who forms the skeleton of the enterprise from organizational structure to internal processes.

The Unified Register of Russian programs has been

August 22 2023 The MiniWeb2 web portal constructor is officially included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. This software product has proven itself in the implementation of important information projects, including for research institutes, universities and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

The MiniWeb2 software consists of a set of functions and objects that allow effectively develop applications which work in the web environment. In addition to a set of ready-made blocks there is an interface for configuring of the future application and its nodes.

The development of the MiniWeb2 constructor was started by our company in January 2016 and continues today. A special site was created for it where you can learn more about the capabilities of the system.

Conference Firebird Conf 2023

May 18 2023 Firebird Conf 2023 conference took place in Moscow. Leading Firebird DBMS developers met with users at the Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Hotel.

Speakers include DBMS and application software developers, database administrators and users. Our company shared the experience accumulated in recent years and presented the report Writing UDR in C++ and Pascal.

In the presentation of our specialist, such issues as external triggers, using UDR in packages, working with BLOBs, forced setting of types, writing procedures, connection and transaction contexts, outer trigger factories in different languages and many other features of external modules integration were covered in details.

Exhibition of SALES vacancies JOB-EXPO 2022

September 14 17, 2022 The exhibition SALES of vacancies JOB-EXPO 2022 was held in Moscow. This is a new original format for the recruitment event, primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. The specialized theme of the exhibition covered the most demanded professions that determine the success of a business and a company's place in a competitive market.

This event presented unique technologies used in our on-line BestTest service for testing candidates and employees of enterprises. Participants of the exhibition were able to get acquainted with them in the following reports: Competitive selection of sales managers. Rapid formation of a sales team, How to reduce staffing errors in the selection of employees. The practice of using the personnel estimate service BestTest.

State registration of a software product

March 14, 2022 The state registration of the software product "ETNI 2 platform for building applications" has been completed. The program is designed for operating systems of the Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/11 family. Work on the development of the platform has been carried out for 20 years. Its first implementation at enterprises began in 2004, and continues to this day.

The ETNI platform is a tool for applications creating that are designed for a wide range of corporate clients working with various databases. The platform allows to conveniently enter information, to integrate with other accounting systems, to connect to equipment, to extract statistical samples, prepare reports, build interactive charts , perform multidimensional OLAP analysis

The product also allows to conduct joint planning of work by different services of an enterprise. The system has built-in mechanisms for self-diagnosis, full documentation of its settings and much more. Through the use of ETNI2, our customers get a quick start to projects and a significant return from the technologies used in it.

A new information portal for FSB RSIHB

21 february 2022 . The information portal of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution of Horse Breeding was launched. The idea of a new site for the Institute of Horse Breeding of the Russian Federation has been forming for a long time among breeders, researchers and the management. It had to be coordinated with all specialists, to prepare and approve the terms of reference before the start of development.

The volume of information that needs to be structured and entered turned out to be so extensive that efforts to fill the portal are ongoing to this day. These are legislative acts, guidelines, competitions results for horses, multimedia and much more.

The advantage of this development is the differentiation of access rights, tracking changes, phased publication of materials, involvement of all departments of the organization in filling the resource, full-text search, connection of external scientific libraries, multilingualism and the possibility of its further development.